How It Works
Fill Out the Fundraiser Store Form

Here is where you get to tell your story! Explain your fundraiser and entice potential donators to help
with your cause. Start Now!

Choose Your Tee Color

The Gildan Heavy Cotton™ Tees offer 47 colors to choose from with sizes ranging from Youth XSmall
to Adult XXXXL.

Design Your Tee

Choose from LifeWay Specialty Imprints customizable design collection or upload your own art and
add text and clip art from our extensive libraries. See our Help page for detailed instructions.

We Create Your Online Store with Your Custom T-Shirt

Our team of artists and developers work together to make sure your tee and website represent your
story in a clear, cohesive, and engaging way. Check out this example from February.

Promote Your Online Fundraiser Store

Contact your ministry and utilize social media to help get the word of your fundraiser out there!
Use your goal to create urgency to donate and to express the exclusivity of your tee.

(ex. "Only 100 tees will be printed, so claim yours today!" or "Dontate before this weekend to get your tee!")

We Process the Orders, Print & Ship

Once your fundraiser has met it's goal we collect your orders, print your tees, and ship them to your
customers and/or a shipping destination of your choice.

Please allow 2-4 weeks post-fundraiser for production and ship time.

You Collect Your Profits!

We send you a check for 100% of the profits!

T-shirts only cost $6 each (plus shipping if you choose to ship all orders to your church). The rest goes to your cause!

Start Now!
Why Online Fundraising?
T-shirts are the one thing that can unite people of all backgrounds
and boost spirits while raising awareness and inspiring others to make a difference.
It's the Easiest Way to Raise Money!
We Do All the Work!
  • The store is FREE!
  • There are NO set up fees!
  • The tees are only $6 a piece so the majority of the money raised goes directly to your cause
  • Setting goals gives your potential supporters a sense of urgency, getting you more donations!
  • You set your own goals! - You decide how much you make from your fundraiser.
    • Price your own tees (we suggest $15-$20 to get the most out of your fundraiser)
    • You determine how long your fundraiser lasts
    • Choose to set a goal of how much money you need to raise or how many pieces you plan to sell. *24 pieces sold minimum.
  • The Fundraising Stores are quick and easy to set up!

    • We will get your store started in just 2 business days from your completed store request.*
  • There is no need to buy shirts upfront
  • You don't have to worry about handling inventory
  • We take care of all of the shipping and payments
    • Your customer can choose to have their items delivered directly to their door!
    • OR For a discount they can arrange to pick up their tees at a destination of your choosing!
  • We even give you a head start promoting your new fundraising site
  • It's all from a company you know you can trust... LifeWay!
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